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Over 40 years of experience with the Welsh Springer Spaniel

Located in Georgia, USA

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With over 40 years of experience with the breed, the main goal at Renascent is to produce sound and healthy Welsh Springer Spaniels that will excel in any job - including as family pets.  We are well-known for being open with health information, and we are proud of this reputation we have for being health conscious. Charles and Meghen are proud to be AKC Breeders of Merit as well as members of the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America, In addition, Meghen is an AKC approved judge of all Sporting breeds and a second generation breeder of Welsh Springers (previously breeding under the Statesman prefix).

We have approximately 1-2 litters each year with careful thought going into each breeding.  We have done extensive importing and exporting to/from England, Wales, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Australia/New Zealand to help expand the gene pool and bring in and share desired traits. We have bred/owned numerous show champions including Westminster Kennel Club winners, national specialty winners, Crufts winners, and all-breed best in show winners.  But we are happiest that our puppies are ALL happy family companions.

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